Areas of Activity


Patents, prototypes, pilot studies, products – public relations for innovation requires a firm grasp of technology. And that is precisely what we offer our customers – in addition to our core competency in the PR area.


We might not know all the technical details right away, seeing as our clients focus on a very wide range of subject matters. But we do know how to quickly familiarise ourselves with the specifics of the respective technology.


We take the time that is necessary to gain a deeper understanding – because only if we truly comprehend a topic, can we convincingly convey this information to target groups such as cooperation partners, potential licensees, customers or investors. We develop customised innovation marketing measures to address each of these groups in a personalised and highly efficient manner.

Most commonly requested services:

Targeted media campaigns in specialist media outlets
Succinct information material & presentations
Web- and print-design
Eye-catching trade show booth design