Areas of Activity


We possess comprehensive know-how in the field of research marketing, which allows us to meet the communication needs of private and public institutions.

Research institutes and innovative companies from the fields of IT, life sciences, smart cities and green technology entrust us with their communication projects, as do big players and niche suppliers of industrial technology.


Since our company was founded in 2001, we have been implementing successful PR campaigns for all of these clients, thus creating lasting awareness in selected target groups – in the general public as well as in business partners and political decision-makers.

Added Value

Our main goal is to convey the added value generated by research: technological leadership, quality of life, return on investment or the foundation of a modern economy.


Thanks to our complete range of classic and modern communication tools, we are able to cater to each client, each target group – and each budget – to identify the most efficient measures for achieving the set goal.

Most commonly requested services:

Targeted media campaigns
Eye-catching graphics & designs
Editing succinct texts