Areas of Activity


For more than ten years we have been satisfying the communication needs of clients such as funding bodies, universities and institutes.


We take over the task of communicating their topics relating to the natural sciences and the humanities, and we do so with passion and a professional approach – whether it be an ambitious application for funding, brand-new individual findings or the long-term scientific services and achievements of an entire organisation.


Our knowledge of science-related content forms the foundation of our scientific communication. As a result, editors and journalists specialised in science as well as active social networkers consider us a reputable source of up-to-date information from Austria’s scientific community.


This allows us to develop successful communication strategies and foster awareness and appreciation for scientific achievements. Thanks to these achievements, our PR expertise and our media network, we capture the public’s imagination and pique the interest of decision-makers working for political, economic and funding institutions.

Most commonly requested services:

Powerful media campaigns
Informative events
Optimising applications for funding
Succinct information material & presentations