Die Agentur


Increased awareness for Science & Research & Education. In Austria and around the world. That is our mission.


PR&D is an experienced and committed partner for research marketing, science PR and scientific communication. Young start-ups place their trust in us, as do national research institutes, colleges and universities, and international technology leaders, to name just a few. We plan and carry out successful PR campaigns for these and other clients. Of course we do so by utilising all of the effective, modern channels of communication available today: Services.


The goals that we achieve for our clients are very diverse: from highlighting research, marketing technologies and convincing investors to inspiring students and identifying sponsoring opportunities. In short: we create real interest in scientific findings, technological breakthroughs and research-based academic programmes.


In the 14 years that we have been pursuing this mission, we have always adhered to the highest degree of professionalism. This means making sure that we have an in-depth understanding of our clients’ research or educational offers. That is why we are gladly prepared to read through original publications or academic syllabi, interpret technical drawings and patent applications, or review funding applications and business plans. It is important to take the time necessary for these tasks, especially considering how fast information spreads in today’s world. Our clients are not the only ones who hold us in high regard for our professionalism – journalists, authors, bloggers and content partners do, too. In Austria and around the world.

Lasting Success

If, like us, you believe that successfully communicating Science & Research & Education in a long-term manner is important, you have come to the right place! Those merely seeking to create short-term hypes have not.